Authorized Reseller

Certified Brands is an Authorized Reseller for all products available through our online stores and works directly with our manufacturers to offer MAP competitive pricing to our customers. Certified Brands complies with all MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) policies set by our partners.


Unauthorized Reseller Warning

While many other public marketplaces allow for third party selling, it is important for our customers to know the difference between an Authorized Reseller and unauthorized reseller. Products purchased from unauthorized resellers may be counterfeit, refurbished, end of life, or supplied through the gray market. Please familiarize yourself with the differences below.

Gray Market Products are generally available products or components, represented as new or unused, and acquired from or sold by a source other than the manufacturer or a manufacturer authorized partner.

Counterfeit Products are non-genuine goods bearing trademarks without the intellectual property rights holder’s authorization intended to deceive buyers. These products are commonly offered by unauthorized resellers based outside of the U.S.

Refurbished Products are used products that may or may not be currently sold by that manufacturer. Unauthorized Resellers may claim refurbished products are new when instead they legally should be sold as refurbished or used. Tactics like these are intended to deceive the buyers.

End of Life/Sale Products are generally considered final sale, meaning products purchased may not be returnable or an often have limited or no warranties.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most manufacturers will not honor warranties, provide technical support, or even guarantee the authenticity of third party products that have been purchased from unauthorized resellers. If purchasing products from resellers other than Certified Brands, you can protect yourself by contacting the manufacturer’s customer service to confirm you are purchasing from an Authorized Reseller.